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Main parts of the stacker reclaimer machine:- 1. Power cylinder (2 Nos) 2. Solenoid valve (1 No) 3. Boom conveyor 4. Bucket wheel 5. Main hydraulic oil tank. Thus the two power cylinders are situated both sides of the stacker machine and working by pressurized hydraulic oil which is supply from main oil tank through the solenoid valve.

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Our dependable stackers and reclaimers make quick work of arranging your bulk materials. With state-of-the-art technology, our comprehensive selection of stacking and reclaiming systems is optimised to suit the unique specifications of your cement plant – ensuring you have the …

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 · Components Of Stacker Reclaimer. 1. Bucket Wheel And Drive. Stacker reclaimer Bucket wheel are used for reclaiming . The bucket wheel drive either consists of hydraulic system or motor,fluid coupling, brake and gear box, mounted on a drive frame supported by bracket. The hollow output shaft of the gear box is clamped on the drive pulley shaft ...

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TAKRAF combined stacker / reclaimers with bucket-wheel boom are primarily employed where medium or large or very large material flows are to be stacked and then later reclaimed by the same machine. Our typical machines cover the following flow rates and sizes: Stacking and reclaiming capacity: 500 t/h to 20,000 t/h. Rail gauge: 6 m to 20 m.

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Hydraulic pipes ABRESIST, KALCOR, KALOCER, KALCRET Mechanical pipes ABRESIST, KALOCER, ... Stacker / Reclaimer Conveyor belt Crushers and sifters Coal bunkers Wet slag remover Bottom ash silos ... and offers a complete range of solutions Solutions for Pulverized Fuel Transport Jointless lining with KALCRET

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with various combinations of stacker/ reclaimers, ship loaders/unloaders1 and train load-out stations. FL® BulkExpert™ is a unique, patented solution that focuses on unmanned and optimized operation of dry bulk equipment, lowering cost tonnes and increasing returns for major dry bulk terminals around the globe. 2 ...

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Stacker/Reclaimers. Stacker/Reclaimer Solutions for a Connected Mine. From extraction, processing and transportation to bulk material storage and shipping, mining operations teams face many challenges to minimize . unplanned downtime while maximizing productivity and maintaining safety. Our stacker/reclaimer solutions are designed with your ...

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Durapac''s SyncMaster Synchronous Lift System with its computer controlled monitoring system and four RSLC-4006T (400 ton capacity load return locking cylinders) were specially packaged up for a customer performing maintenance on stacker-reclaimers.. The RSLC-4006T cylinders feature threaded locking collars which enable loads to be held mechanically and therefore offering additional safety ...


Our typical drum reclaimers cover the following flow rates and sizes: Nominal reclaim capacity: up to 6,000 t/h. Stockpile width: 30 m to 50 m. Stockpile height: up to 21 m. Stockpile length: up to 600 m. Rail gauge: 30 m to 56 m. Drum diameter: 4.8 m to 6.8 m. Cutting circle diameter: 6.4 m to 8.0 m. Drum rotation speed: 3 min -1 to 5 min -1.

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Hengli can tailor a complete set of hydraulic solutions for stackers and reclaimers according to requirements. The stacker-reclaimer pitch cylinder designed with a special structure is matched with the V90N-DT130/180 main pump, HVME270B main valve and HM5X130 motor. The components are perfectly matched to meet the high-frequency working ...


 · Drive Solutions for Belt Conveyors, Stackers and Reclaimers. s developed an extensive ons, including fluid couplings, and emergency brakes aspects: Design Couplings, brakes and backstops have an ...

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China Stacker & Reclaimer catalog of High Lift Scissor Truck, High Scissor Lifter, Pallet Lifter, Electric Type High Lift Scissor Truck, High Scissor Lifter, Pallet Lifter, Material Handling Equipment provided by China manufacturer - WUXI TONGYANG MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., page1.

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Reclaimers. The product range includes machines longitudinal single and double portal. The machines are designed for the specific application with flow rates up to 1200 TPH and are able to work on piles up to 60m wide. The use of sophisticated sensors of the latest generation allows the operator to have a complete control of the machine, that ...

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Multi-functional machines, such as stackers/reclaimers, store and gather material in large mining processes. Bonfiglioli can provide solutions for all stacker/reclaimer drives. The products we supply are tailored to match the specific requirements of each machine drive: different brakes, forced lubrication,

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Circular stacker/reclaimer . Circular stacker/reclaimers are designed to use the cone-shell stacking method with a slewing and luffing stacker to automatically build up a circular stockpile at one end of a stockyard or covered dome. Offering 360 degrees of rotation, it alternately reclaims at the other end using a radial scraper-type reclaimer.

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We regularly complete hydraulic system overhauls on fixed plant including stacker/reclaimer systems, stationary crushes, train load-out systems and apron feeders. Overhauls may include a complete review of operational performance and recommended improvements, to upgrading pumps, power packs, lubrication systems and cylinders.

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Spareage Sealing Solutions is a leading Seal manufacturer that specializes in Hydraulic seals, Pneumatic seals, Rotary seals, and ''O''Rings. Spareage provides complete sealing solutions for our customers. +91 22 2580 0972 +91 9820990066; [email protected] ; Online Payment ... Stacker Reclaimer. Spareage® has developed seals for Stacker Reclaimer ...


Tracked Reclaimer Stacker Moontain is dedicated to provide the complete design,fabrication,installation and commissioning of mobile stacking, reclaiming and conveying systems in a range of applications including the coal, mining and quarry industries, stockyard management, ports & inland terminals, power stations, rail yards, steel mills ...

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Abstract. This paper describes several stacker/reclaimer systems and prescribes practical solutions for operational problems. Rail-mounted stacker/tunnel reclaimers, which can build longitudinal piles over tunnels, offer high availability and require minimal operating personnel but have disadvantages of limited live storage and high cost of slot storage.

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Multi-functional machines, such as stackers/reclaimers, store and gather material in large mining processes. Bonfiglioli can provide solutions for all stacker/reclaimer drives. The products we supply are tailored to match the specific requirements of each machine drive: different brakes, forced lubrication,

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An assembly and disassembly bench is used for the maintenance of hydraulic cylinders at a customer''s site. They required an assisted travel rest for levelling the hydraulic rods and barrels. The solution provided included two Durapac RG-55 cylinders used in tandem, mounted side by side on either side of the rollers under the table.


 · In a Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer Machine, the luffing cylinders are mounted on the Slewing Structure (Slew Platform) whereas the cylinders for articulated tripper is mounted on the Non-Slewing Structure (Tripper). Hydraulic Piping to be done for both sets of cylinders. For the operation of these two sets of Hydraulic Cylin

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Without stacker reclaimer, no body can think, to survive the material handling system, stacker reclaimer has become the more important for the CHP life and for the safe operation of CHP (PDF) Performance optimization of 1800MT capacity stacker -Reclaimer in coal handling plant in 600MW/660MW sub/super critical units | SN Dubey - Academia

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Slewing Boom Stacker (Linear Stockyard) DESCRIPTION PARAMETERS Application Cement Plant,Bulk Material Handling Material Coal, limestone, Clinker,Slag etc. Max. Stacking capacity 6000 tph Max. Boom Length 40m Luffing Angle -11 ~ +18 degree Belt Width Scope 500~2400mm Features and benefits :

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Complete hydraulic solution for stacker reclaimer - 2nd Quarter 2010 ... This is the first Hägglunds drive on a stacker reclaimer bucket wheel application in Africa. The bucket ... No misalignment problems. ... The luffing control system, consisting of an NG25 proportional Bucher valve fed by a variable displacement,... More details » Get Price

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We offer one of the most comprehensive stacker reclaimer portfolios on the market. Our customer-driven solutions can be exactly tailored to meet the needs of stockyards and storage facilities With so much choice, it can be difficult to know how to optimize a solution that perfectly meets your needs. Our experts ensure that the combination of technology that you select works seamlessly together ...

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Spareage Sealing Solutions is a leading Seal manufacturer that specializes in Hydraulic seals, Pneumatic seals, Rotary seals, and ''O''Rings. Spareage provides complete sealing solutions for …

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Stacker cum Reclaimers are also provided with weighing system and totalizer, hydraulic railclamps, warning against storm weather and air conditioned electric room. Dust suppression system, radio control and Fire fighting systems are also provided as optional.

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Stacker Reclaimer . Suebel has developed seals in Stacker & Reclaimer applications in cement industries. Material is deposited by the stacker moving to and fro over the centre line of the pile. The reclaimer is usually equipped with constant speed motors.

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8 Construction, Working and Maintenance of Stackers and Reclaimers for Bulk Materials material on to the boom conveyor. The boom conveyor discharges the material on the stock yard to form the stockpile. The luffing mechanism of a stacker is driven either by a hydraulic drive unit or a winch.


The stacker-reclaimer systems is economical and commonly used system. A stacker is used for piling bulk material and a reclaimer is used to pick it up. A dust protection net is erected around the periphery of a pile in order to prevent flying dust from escaping. In this system the pile is covered by a peaked roof.

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Stacker cum Reclaimer is a combination of both the function of Stacker & reclaimer and is an effective solution for stockyards. Stacker cum reclaimer as a rule, consist of a luffing boom mounted on a slewable superstructure and balanced by the counterweight mounted on its arm.

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Stackers and Reclaimers that handle limestone, coal and other bulk materials are crucial to the processing of mined and other loose material. Whether piling & storing minerals or reclaiming to prepare for shipping, these machines typically run on rails supported by concrete foundations and impart dynamic loads to the rails via the wheels.

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Bucketwheel stacker reclaimers have high capacity stockpiling and reclaiming. ... Our wide offering covers complete solutions, quality equipment and parts, as well as expert services for multiple industries. ... This is the vertical up/down movement of the boom powered by two hydraulic cylinders. Travelling - Travel trucks (usually in multiples ...